Agility Services

We are creative, analytical and human in our approach and engagement with you. Our experts work in unison to achieve delivery with high quality.
We are firm believers of PLANS are nothing, PLANNING is everything – gen Eisenhower.

We are your partners in revolutionizing digital transformations that is integral from strategic goals to leadership mindsets in order to deliver effectively. We are mostly outcome based rather than output based. We believe in more outcomes with less outputs. We do not just focus on one element in an integral system but include all dimensions that are needed to be evolved in order to achieve organizational agility.

Why Agile? It is because of what it literally means. Being able to adapt to change. We at avacend, take your organization from mastering the very methods of agility like XP, Scrum, Kanban, FDD, TDD to adapting your organization to ever fast changing markets with our custom approach of organizational design. Please contact us for our Transformation Experts to start an awesome journey with you, your people and your organization.

How your organization work together ?

– Restructuring
– Design models with you that work for you
– Work with Roles and Responsibilities

How your organization chooses work ?

– Multi-levels of planning
– Roles that support this multi levels
– Funding model that supports iterative planning, development and delivery
– Prioritization that relates to organization’s strategic goals and initiatives
– All iterative and incremental

How your organization delivers effectively ?

– Team Coaching
– DevOps to DataOps that help gather insights and implement change that is data driven
– Process and Technological rationalization
– Lean Program and solution delivery